A full completion

The special feature of our foundry is our ability to fulfil your order right down to the smallest detail.

polymeto, fonderie art, bourseville

Our craftsmen are ready to manufacture your workpieces just as imagined: rough casting, semi-finished (pre-polished, polished, and assembled) or with the desired surface treatment.

- fettling, grinding
- assembling
- welding
- drilling, tapping
- machine-tooling, turning, milling
- sanding, polishing
- surface treatment
traitemenst-finitions-01By offering complete finishing, Polymeto is providing a matchless service in today’s top-of-the-range metal works. As the sole representative of their project, Polymeto facilitates follow-up and devotes valuable time resources to its clients to create new models.



For artist-clients, it is possible to do the finishing together so that the work will be to the client’s precise taste.

polymeto, fonderie art, bourseville polymeto, fonderie art, boursevillepolymeto, fonderie art, bourseville