Polymeto : top-of-the-range decorative foundry


Our main clients are renowned interior architects and designers,  luxury interior design brand names, celebrated artists and local authorities. The finished projects are challenges that only handed-down artisanal experience and expertise can meet.


“We provide our clients with incomparable style, attention to detail, excellence and an elegance they will find nowhere else ”


polymeto, bourseville

Known for its quality, Polymeto produces works for demanding companies. We are up to any task.

From a plan or a wooden model, plaster cast, clay, resin, wax, or surprisingly enough, papier mâché, Polymeto Foundry can manufacture the brass or bronze master-pieces that meet the expectations of our clients.

Living up to their expectations is of utmost importance to us and we take their very specific needs into account.


    ”We can provide the perfect solution your projects where others say it is impossible.”


polymeto, boursevillepolymeto, bourseville