Finishing with brass

The foundry also offers the surface processing described below to really bring out the best in your works.


SBV Varnished Scotch brite   NBS Glossy satiny nickel
PVO Gold polished varnished   NN Black nickel
PV Polished varnished   VB Antique bronze
PVP Patinated polished varnished   CH Chrome
NM Mat nickel   ARG Silver-plated
NB Glossy nickel   DOR 24 carat gold-plated
NBB Glossy brushed nickel   VAG Antique silver varnished


Finishing with bronze

NM Velvet nickel PV Polished varnished
NB Glossy nickel CFM Mat gunmetal
BRN black antique bronze CFB Glossy gunmetal
BAM Mat antique bronze VE Tin-metal
BAB Glossy antique bronze VG Verdigris


Partial finishing

BRU | raw
PP | pre-polished (rotofinish)
PNV | polished and unvarnished
SB | scotch-brite

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