Polymeto : ”Made in France” Family-run foundry and expertise


Gérard Zedde has now handed over the reins to his four children who are trained in different but complementary fields.



Pierre, the eldest, has acquired all the necessary expertise from renowned foundry craftsmen. Ingenious and meticulous in foundry and machining, he puts his skills to work in sculpting the most complex-shaped bronze art pieces.

Laure‘s rigour and high standards guarantee the high quality expected from top-of-the-range products.

Then there is Aline, with her precise management skills, who heads up accounting and legal administration, vital components of a healthy and solid firm.

For his part, François provides the tools necessary for an innovative and dynamic firm, with a single objective: ongoing improvement of client satisfaction.


The foundry is based in the Somme (in Picardy), in the heart of the Vimeu region, which is the birthplace of tap fittings, locksmithings, and metal works. His 100% made-in-France expertise was acquired here.

Trading in foundry products :

Firms in the region call on Polymeto’s services on a daily basis. Polymeto offers its know-how and supplies the necessary materials and accessories for outstanding metal works.