Polymeto : Core business

We have expertise in the core business necessary for the production of your orders in small and medium quantities. Using raw metals that have been fully processed, we can manufacture products to the desired level of detail.

polymeto, fonderie art, bourseville polymeto, fonderie art, bourseville

polymeto, fonderie art, bourseville


Our core businesses :

  • Design / moulding / restoration: from a blueprint or a workpiece that you want us to reproduce; our job will be to create or model a useable pattern.
  • Production/ Casting: The mould-making method is determined by the complexity of the workpiece. The “drawback” technique, which is not widely practised today, is regularly used when the shape of the part reveals the undercut areas. Our methods are explained in detail here.
  • Casting: This takes place once a week. This is a pivotal moment where every gesture must be specific and delicate. Shortly thereafter, the shakeout reveals the raw casting.
  •  Completion: After heating, cooling and shaking out the casting is segmented, sandblasted, trimmed, ground, tooled, hammered, welded, assembled… and thus the material begins to take on the final form desired.
  • Finishing: To achieve the desired appearance, finishing is all about polishing and varnishing or applying a treatment to the surface (chromium-plating/ nickel-plating/ gilding) or a sheen to the product to achieve the final appearance.

Finishing is explained in detail here.vieil-argent


Quality control is performed at each stage to ensure delivery of the required product.