Our manufacturing methods

Traditional or innovative, ancient or modern, Polymeto Foundry is familiar with all casting techniques. It is thanks to this technical diversity that we are able to manufacture any piece of work, no matter how complex it may be.

 polymeto, fonderie art, bourseville          polymeto, fonderie art, bourseville          polymeto, fonderie art, bourseville

Here are our main foundry casting methods :

  • Natural sand casting : The oldest and most used method in Polymeto Foundry. It requires certain precision and technical know-how, which can only be acquired with experience. A mixture of clay and quarry sand medium-size works with complex shapes in small series. The advantage is that the sand is recycled to manufacture the resulting pieces
  •  Resin sand casting (chemical setting) : This method is more recent and simpler. A mixture of pure silica sand and catalysed resin is more resistant and is used to create heavy and large works. Though this method is simpler, its accuracy for details is less exact than with natural sand.
  • Lost-wax casting : Used when shapes are extremely complex with fine details, lost-wax casting requires a lot of time and precision. The first stages are more tedious for a finishing that is almost not existent. Once again, the knowledge required here is acquired with experience. This method is also very old and has been used for centuries in jewellery-making. It is now more widely used in industries where other methods cannot provide a solution. Polymeto has expertise in this method and can thus offer its clients the best and meet the most demanding requests.
  • Shell casting : A method which requires a specific set of tools and facilitates the production of certain articles. Although it is adapted for bigger quantities and small format works, it is not adapted to works with very fine details.